New Territories

Hong Kong


Dear Cybernaut,

              you have arrived at a crossroads that grants you three paths to explore. You may choose the way of the word where prose and verse guide you through thoughts and observations made by yours truly. Upon this road you shall discover the verb personified mingled with characters from the past, the present and the imaginary. It is with words that this journey began and therefore a fitting starting point.

The second path is visual. From pencil to pixel, concepts and ideas take form. Bringing to the naked eye the codes and creatures that haunt an artistic mind.

The third path is that of audio creation and manipulation that set dark and brooding atmospheres. Where instrumental moments mingle with narrative and songs that focus on the human condition.

These three paths are both entity and part of a greater plan that is reflected by mirrors and black magic.

Please take your time to explore this virtual experience. There are clues to be found within 22 secrets, hidden links and codes to be deciphered. May your journey be thought provoking and enlightening. I shall be waiting for you on the other side.

Yours sincerely